Custom Fabrication and Bespoke Design

Honda Harley

Modern Drivetrain

Want to add a little power, performance, or just modern refinement to your vehicle?   LeStable offers custom engine and drive-train transplants. Whether you are seeking a modern transmission in your vintage Jaguar or a V8 swap in your Volvo wagon, LeStable can bring the idea to reality.

Jaguar turbo

Turbo Build

Lestable offers custom turbo system builds, custom turbo manifolds, and custom EFI  integration.

Interior restoration on a 1971 Jaguar XJ6 limo

Custom Interior

Looking to update or ad a little style with functionality to the interior of your vehicle? Lestable offers custom upholstery and interior design.

The Art of Custom Fabrication

Individual all have unique tastes. This is most evident in the fashion industry. Customization is not a "one-size-fits-all." One's automobile is in no way an exception in the desire to express individuality. Some enjoy the methodical detail involved in an authentic restoration, while others prefer to make an impression with their own artistic creativity.

Whether individuals are looking for inspiration or know exactly what they want their vehicle to be, LeStable is here to provide the means of turning the dream into reality. From custom fabrication to custom paint, bodywork, electrical, entertainment, interior and mechanical enhancements, LeStable is ready to assist.