The levels of a restoration are almost infinitesimal. That is to say that one individual’s definition of a restoration may not match that of another individual. To help clarify, restorations are broken into two categories of full restoration and partial restoration.

Full “frame-off” Restorations, also referred to as a Concours-quality Restoration, will include the complete disassembly of the vehicle. Once disassembled, all components including engine, interior, body, etc., will be properly restored to original condition or replaced with factory authentic components. Once all the components have been properly restored, the vehicle will be reassembled, tuned and final detailed to a completed showroom quality.

Partial restorations may include any number of repairs to cosmetic or mechanical components without the disassembly of the entire vehicle. Not all vehicles need to be fully disassembled to be restored. An individual may desire to leave portions of the vehicle as is, in order to further focus resources on what may be a more noticeable or critical portion of the vehicle. It is up to the individual to decide the extent of a restoration. LeStable is here to help with that decision.

Back view of a 1967 Jaguar XKE red convertible with the hood open and doors open

Concours d, Elegance

Finished in the original Carmen Red, this 1967 Jaguar XKE has undergone a full restoration. With this type of restoration, every fastener, every stitch, and every detail is returned to new condition. This level of restoration is referred to as a Concurs-quality restoration. This is the top tier of all restoration levels.

Partial Restoration

This 1966 Jaguar XKE can be categorized as a partial restoration. With this type of restoration, not all components of the vehicle need to be redone. In this example, portions of the body and the engine compartment were refinished along with moderate mechanical work being performed. This type of restoration allows for resources to be focused on certain portions of the vehicle that need it the most, thus preserving as much of the vehicle's originality as possible.


A driver is a vehicle that is in sound mechanical condition but is in need of minor to moderate cosmetic work. The vehicle may also have a number of non-authentic parts, or repairs that are modifications from the original condition.